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Donna Ashworth: On Love, Life, Loss and Learning: #230

March 24, 2023 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
Donna Ashworth: On Love, Life, Loss and Learning: #230
Show Notes

On the show today, the inspiring Scottish poet Donna Ashworth joins us to share life lessons learned from her journey as a poet and best-selling author. Donna has written 8 books and, with a following of more than a million, Donna’s poetry speaks to the hearts and souls of countless people around the world through the themes of love, life, and loss. 

She has committed herself to helping as many people as possible understand that their imperfections, flaws and failures are all a part of their own journey of learning that ultimately makes them stronger and more resilient and to know that they are capable of so much more than they realize. 

Donna is a living example of someone who has overcome many obstacles in her own life in order to achieve the success she has by embracing vulnerability in a way that has helped her to develop the courage to speak her truth. Her journey and her work have inspired so many others to find their own truth and authenticity. 

Themes that we will explore are: 

  • Truth and authenticity
  • Fulfillment and well-being
  • The creative process
  • How to deal with the inner critic
  • Learning from hardship, failure and obstacles
  • Developing a more resilient mindset
  • The power of poetry

It was a joy to interview Donna and I hope you find your own insight and takeaway value from our discussion. Please share this episode with anyone who you feel might benefit from listening.

Connect with Donna Ashworth:

All of Donna's books can be found here
The BBC Scotland Interview mentioned in this podcast
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