Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily

#234- The Path to Virtuoso Leadership with Andy Vasily & Jorge Rodriguez

May 15, 2023 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
#234- The Path to Virtuoso Leadership with Andy Vasily & Jorge Rodriguez
Show Notes

Why is it that some leaders excel at creating lasting success in their organizations in regards to motivation, well-being, productivity, and engagement while other leaders don't? What separates the very best leaders from the rest of them? Despite the vast amount of research about effective and impactful leadership, why is it that some leaders leave a trail of fragmented work relationships, lack of morale, trust, and disengagement in the workplace? And, what can leaders such as this do to strengthen their character by learning to lead with genuine compassion, responsibility, integrity and forgiveness?

In today's show, I'll unpack some phenomenal research around impactful leadership based on a 7-year study done by Dr. Fred Kiel and his team on over 100 CEOs in multiple different fields. This study clearly shows that the best leaders, which Dr. Kiel refers to as 'virtuoso leaders' have a five times greater impact on their organizations than 'self-focused' leaders as identified in their study.

In this episode, we will look at the specific behaviors and actions that virtuoso leaders demonstrate with consistency in the workplace and explain the impact that these types of leaders have on well-being, motivation, engagement and productivity. As well, we will look at the specific behaviors and actions of 'self-focused' leaders and the negative impact that their style of leadership has on their organizations.

Added to this, we will also look at what the data says about the impact that the leadership teams of virtuoso and self-focused leaders have on the organization and its stakeholders. The results speak volumes for the importance of leaders taking their own growth seriously, especially in the face of such an uncertain, unpredictable future.

The world needs authentic leadership more than ever, so if you are a leader listening to today's episode, how are you holding yourself accountable for your own growth in order to have the true impact you desire?

Jorge Rodriguez joins me for today's episode and, in this discussion, I will also share with him a journal writing framework for any leader wanting to reflect more deeply on their leadership and next steps needed to become better at what they do. You can download a PDF to this handbook by clicking the link below. Thanks for listening to today's episode and sharing it with anyone who you feel will benefit from tuning in. 

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