Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily

Joel Monk: Trusting The Intelligence Within-#238

July 19, 2023 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
Joel Monk: Trusting The Intelligence Within-#238
Show Notes

My conversation today is with Joel Monk, the co-founder of Coaches Rising which is a global community of over 6000 coaches dedicated to having the biggest impact they can have. He co-founded Coaches Rising nearly 15 years ago and has done extensive training in multiple different modalities in order to better understand how to help his clients truly thrive, both personally and professionally, in their lives.

Based on my own experiences in leadership and in coaching a variety of people from different backgrounds and fields of work, from what I have seen and observed, the ones that are most successful are usually the ones who have gone through a deep process of personal transformation and growth in their own lives. Simply put, they have done a great deal of inner work in order to better understand themselves, their strengths and their areas in need of improvement. 

The most impactful coaches and educators out there are the ones who have gone through this process themselves and Joel Monk embodies exactly what it means to do the very difficult and deeply challenging internal work needed to continually transform himself so that he can help coach his clients through the turbulent times they face in this ever-changing and unpredictable world.

What I truly appreciate about Joel is his ability to continually make himself vulnerable, sharing his real truth without fear of judgement, while demonstrating a strong sense of self-compassion which is the same attuned approach he brings to the clients he coaches and the amazing guests he interviews on his Coaches Rising podcast.

In our conversation today, despite only having an hour, Joel and I go quite deep around a number of themes including:

  • The importance of honoring the intelligence inside each of us in order to bring out our best
  • Exploring and identifying our deeper sense of calling in our lives
  • Better understanding how to cope with emotional triggers 
  • Better dealing with difficult moments in our life in a way that allows us to come out better on the other side of the hardship

We also discuss several other themes in our podcast that I hope will spark you to reflect more deeply about your own life in ways that have you thinking about what might be possible. Thanks for tuning in and I sincerely hope you share this episode with anyone who you feel will benefit from listening.
About Joel:
He's the co-founder of Coaches Rising and very passionate about the role coaches can play in our turbulent times. He's also a coach and has worked with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and CEO’s from many different countries around the world.

He's inspired to take a cross paradigmatic approach to his coaching and is influenced by – developmental theory, Steve March & Aletheia coaching, Thomas Hübl, Circling, Doug Silsbee, Purpose Guiding, Somatics, Focusing, AEDP….

He also hosts Coaches Rising podcast where he interviews incredible people to explore how they work with others to facilitate transformation. Joel lives in Amsterdam with his beautiful family.

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