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Green Renaissance- Reflections on Life with Michael Raimondo: Ep.240

September 18, 2023 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
Green Renaissance- Reflections on Life with Michael Raimondo: Ep.240
Show Notes

Today’s episode is devoted to two very inspiring humans, Justine and Michael, who have made it their life mission to spread hope and joy in the world and they do this through their Green Renaissance project which will soon be changing names to Reflections on Life. 

For the last 7 years, Michael and Justine, who are filmmakers, have embarked on a journey that has allowed them to have a very special glimpse into the lives of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They literally took the biggest gamble of their lives and quit their day jobs to start up their project Green Rennaisance. They had no idea whether or not they would be successful, but leapt into the unknown to follow their hearts and their passion to make a difference a difference in the world in their own unique way. 

Simply put, Justine and Michael are on a journey to inspire change by creating beautiful, meaningful stories through the films they make.

One of the things they are most proud of is that they have no corporate agendas in place. They are not linked to any advertising, brands or products. They create their work for free which is the true embodiment of a life of service. 

I first came across their work a few months ago. My wife Neila had found their films online and began to share them with me. As I watched more and more of their films, I was deeply moved by what it was they were trying to do. They pay for the films out of pocket, but have established a patron page, so anyone who can afford it, who finds meaning in their work, can donate whatever they can to help offset the cost of making these films.

I thank you for tuning into my episode with the inspiring filmmaker Michael Raimondo. Please follow Justine and Michael's work and their Green Renaissance project.

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