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# 170 - The 5 C Leader With Dr. Jim Weese

February 20, 2021 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
# 170 - The 5 C Leader With Dr. Jim Weese
Show Notes

In this episode, Jim speaks about important mentors and the support that they gave him in helping him to find his true calling in life. In particular it was Dr. Bob Boucher, the former Dean of Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor, who really believed in Jim and helped to navigate and guide him on his trajectory into academic leadership. 

Although Jim has had a deep impact in the field of academics, his work in leadership has really been the main source of inspiration and motivation over the past several years. His book The 5C Leader-Exceptional Leadership Practices for Extraordinary Times was released in 2018 and has been widely read and well-received by both aspiring leaders and also experienced leaders in a variety of organizations and businesses. 

In this book Jim distills over 100 years of leadership research and theory development, couples it with his extensive research program, mixes in his consulting experience and his practical experience and delivers a leadership book rooted in what he calls the 5Cs

C1 – Credibility, C2 - Compelling Vision, C3 - Charismatic Communicator, C4 - Contagious Enthusiasm, C5 - Culture Builder

We dive into a conversation about the 5Cs giving specific examples of their application in the role of leadership and also unpack some of the myths around what being a leader means. 

I highly encourage you to get your hands on a copy of Jim’s book, the 5C leader. Links to the book can be found in the show notes of this episode. Thanks for listening and I hope you check out Jim's work.

About Dr. Weese
Dr. Jim Weese teaches, consults, conducts research, and delivers speeches on the topic of leadership. He is heralded as a transformational academic leader and a leading authority in the area who has engaged audiences across many sectors on the power of people and the merits of a team approach to leadership. His “5C Leader” concept and new book serves as the foundation to his approach to leadership. He has also served as a consultant with both non-profit organizations as well as multinational companies and he currently leads academic leader development workshops for Academic Impressions, Inc.

He has served in a number of senior leadership positions during his career (Athletic Director, Dean, Vice-President) and served as the President of the North American Society for Sport Management and the National Deans Councils for both Kinesiology (CCUPEKA) and Health Sciences Deans (CAHSD). He joined The University of Western Ontario in July of 2004 as the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, a post he held until December of 2015. He recently completed a second stint as the VP International at Western and currently serves as the Founding Executive Director of the Western Leader Academy (a.k.a. Deans’ School).

He has earned a number of prestigious academic and leadership awards throughout his distinguished career including the top teaching, research, and leadership awards from his profession, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal by the Government of Canada in 2002 for his academic leadership and ten years later, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition for his leadership and advocacy for exercise and physical activity. In 2010, Weese worked with the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Hockey Teams at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. In 2014, his alma mater, the University of Windsor inducted him into its Sports Hall of Fame.

Dr. Weese lives in London with his wife Sherri. His passions include golf, hockey, guitar, and gardening.

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