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#196-Dagur Sigurðsson: The Icelandic Way of Sport (Olympic Handball Head Coach)

December 12, 2021 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
#196-Dagur Sigurðsson: The Icelandic Way of Sport (Olympic Handball Head Coach)
Show Notes

My guest, Dagur Sigurðsson, and I have known each other for almost 20 years. It was great to reunite with Dagur and bring him on my show to talk about his amazing journey in professional sport and playing/coaching the game at the Olympic level. 

Dagur  represented his country of Iceland in the Summer Olympics held in Greece in 2004 and over the years developed himself into a world renowned coach in the sport. He spent time in Austria before going on to coach professionally in Germany and lead the German men’s national handball team in the world championships and the Olympics. 

Dagur has a distinct coaching style that sets him apart from others and as you listen to this episode, you will learn about what he believe is most important in leading and coaching others and how he strives to deeply connect with those around him in order the lift them up and push them to be their best. 

As a family man, he is deeply committed to his loved ones and as a coach/mentor to his athletes, he is equally committed to helping them strive for excellence and through his leadership, he believes that context is everything and that a leader must deeply understand the context of the organization in order to put leadership moves into action that spark continued growth and progress. 

Dagur is on a mission as the Japanese men's Olympic handball coach and recently had the opportunity to lead his team in the Tokyo Olympics. He has signed on through the Paris 2024 Olympics and everything he is now doing is helping to plant the seeds for slow and continuous growth over time in order to put his athletes in the best position possible for competition. As well, he is deeply committed to spreading a love of the game of handball in Japan. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. 

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