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Obert Jongwe: A Brushstroke of Excellence Ep. 241

November 04, 2023 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
Obert Jongwe: A Brushstroke of Excellence Ep. 241
Show Notes

My guest in today’s podcast exemplifies what it means to take the risks needed to find his passion and true calling in life. His name is Obert Jongwe and he is a Zimbabwean artist who has devoted his life to the craft of painting. 

When I think of Obert and his life, there is a great quote that comes to mind that truly represents what it means to take the risks needed to thrive in life both personally and professionally.

The quote is from Dr. Carl Jung, a world renowned Swiss psychologist who passed away in 1961.

"The cave we fear to enter holds the treasure we seek."

When you think of your own life, what comes up for you when you think about times in the past that you either took the risk needed to succeed at something that mattered to you or you failed to take the risk needed to pursue something that mattered to you. Obert's ability to take risk and believe in himself is a beautiful story of finding purpose in life. 

I first came across Obert’s story in an amazing short documentary that was created by the South African filmmakers Michael and Justine from the Green Renaissance project. I released a podcast I recorded with Michael Raimundo last month and in our conversation, he spoke and the work he and his partner Justine are doing with their Green Renaissance project.

They  are a passionate team on a journey to inspire change by Creating beautiful, meaningful stories. They’ve done over 250 short films featuring amazingly ordinary people doing wonderful things in the world. I highly encourage you to check out their YouTube channel which you can find by searching for Green Renaissance. I will be doing free promotional work for them as I truly believe in their cause and hope that the listeners of my podcast can tune into their films which are sure to inspire you and provoke you to think differently about your life. 

When I watched their film featuring Obert Jongwe, I was inspired to reach out to him to invite him on my podcast to share his amazing story of resilience, meaning, and purpose. 

His work, as a painter, led him from Zimbabwe to South Africa. He has had his work featured in renowned art galleries in South Africa and Zimbabwe. His story is sure to move you to think about your true calling whatever that calling might be. 

I hope that my listeners will check out Obert’s work and maybe even one day buy one of his beautiful paintings. He is a wonderful person with a kind, caring heart who is hoping to impact the world in his own unique ways. 

It was an honor to interview him and share his life story. 

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening. 

Connect With Obert
Roussouw Modern Gallery

Please follow Michael and Justine's work at Green Renaissance and consider donating to their cause.

Michael and Justine's video about Obert can be found here

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